The Caring Foundation, in association with the Cosmos Institute of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences (CIMBS) organised the Frontiers in Psychiatry, Mental Health & Cognitive Science – PsyCog 2015 on June 6-7 at the JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi. Dr. T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao, Editor, Indian Journal Of Psychiatry with Former president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam during inauguration of PsyCog-2015.

Dr. T.S.S.Rao, Organizing Secretary at KANCIPS 2000, Indian Psychiatric Society - Karnataka, 10th Annual Conference, 25-27 August 2000

Dr. T.S.S.Rao, Organizing secretary with Maharani Pramoda Devi Wadiyar & Late Scion of Mysore Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar at Annual National Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society, 8-11 January 2004, Mysore Palace

Dr. T. S. S. Rao being felicitated at Indian Psychiatric Society South Zone - CME 2007

Dr. T. S. S. Rao at the Inauguration of 61st Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, ANCIPS 2009 at Agra

Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health: IAGMH – INTAS Award presented to Dr.T.S.S. Rao at Trissur on 5th December 2009 for the paper: “New evidence on accumulation of Iron and Copper and depletion in Zn and its correlation to DNA integrity in aging human brain regions: relevance to mental health”

Dr. T.S.S Rao being Felicitated by Kannada Vaidya Sahitya Parishat ( R) - Special Literary Award for the book “Dampathiya Vaidya Shastra” on 26th December 2009 at Bengaluru

Dr. T.S.S. Rao at the Inauguration of Mid Term CME in August 2010 at Aurangabad. (Left to Right: Dr. Ajit Avasthi, Dr. Uttam.C. Garg, Dr. Prasad Rao, Dr. Thirunavukarasu, Dr. Asim Kumar Mallick, Dr. T.S.S. Rao)

Dr. T.S.S Rao receiving Marfatia Award - Indian Psychiatric Society 2010 at Jaipur on 17th January 2010 for his scientific paper “Evidence of altered DNA integrity in brain regions of suicidal victims of Bipolar Disorder”

Dr.T.S.S.Rao, Organizing Secretary with Dr. Sujata Sharma at the Inauguration of Art of Psychiatry Conference. Mysore, July 9 -10, 2011

Dr. T.S.S. Rao with Prof. Helen Herrman at 15th World Congress of Psychiatry (Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 18-22, 2011)

Dr. T.S.S. Rao, Organizing Secretary with Dr. S.C. Tiwari at the Inauguration of 7th National Annual Conference of Indian Association For Geriatric Mental Health (GERON-2011) held in Mysore from September 29th to October 1st 2011

Dr. T.S.S.Rao at the 10th Annual Academic Sessions- 2013 of the Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists organized in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Psychiatrists' Association – UK

Dr. T. S. S. Rao Speaking at 1st International Congress of South Asian Society For Sexual Medicine (SASSM) held at National Science Seminar Complex, JN Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, 29-31 March, 2013

Dr. T.S.S Rao receiving GC Boral Award from Prof. Vijoy.K.Verma at 20th National Conference of Indian Association for Social Psychiatry, 8-10 November, 2013, Kolkata

Dr. T.S.S. Rao at Shiv Gautam Oration Award of IAGMH delivered on 19th Aug 2013 at GERON – 2013 in Lucknow. Topic: “Forbidden fruit in the Golden Years: Elderly Sexuality”

Dr. T.S.S. Rao, Organizing Secretary, Speaking at Inauguration of 7th SAARC Psychiatric Federation International Conference, 29th Nov-1st Dec 2013, Mysore

Annual oration award - Lingaraj College, Belgaum on 29th March 2014

Dr. T. S. S. Rao at 16th World Congress of Psychiatry, September 14-18, 2014, Madrid, Spain

Dr. T.S.S. Rao, Organizing Secretary, 21st National Conference of the Indian Association for Social Psychiatry, 21-23 November 2014, Mysore

8th International Conference of SAARC Psychiatric Federation, 27-29 November 2014, Lumbini, Nepal

Dr. T.S.S.Rao during Inaguration of 67th Annual National Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society (ANCIPS 2015), 8-11 January 2015 at Hyderabad

Dr. T. S. S Rao at 34th International Congress on Law and Mental Health, Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria (July 12th – 17th, 2015)

CADABAMS – Group of Psychosocial rehabilitation Center, Bengaluru felicitated Dr. T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao with Distinguished Psychiatrist Award 2015 on 2 nd December 2015

Dr. T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao, Organizing Secretary at the Inaguration of Interim Congress of South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine, Nov 11 to Nov 13, 2016 at Mysuru

Dr. V.N. Bagadia – Bombay Psychiatric Society Lifetime Achievement award conferred to Dr. T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao on Annual Day Programme which was held on Sunday, 23rd April, 2017 at Hotel Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai

27 th Annual State Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society was held at Hampi on 1 – 3 Sep 2017. Eminent Psychiatrist Award of Indian Psychiatric Society – Karnataka Chapter for the year 2017 was awarded to Dr T S Sathyanarayana Rao

“Psychiatry of the 21st Century: Context, Controversies and Commitment” the WPA XVII WORLD CONGRESS OF PSYCHIATRY at Berlin, 8 - 12 th October, 2017

Dr T S Sathyanarayana Rao was presented with ‘PARIVARTAN AWARD: Dr Suraj Bhan Award- Best Innovative Practice in the Field of Mental Health on 9 th December 2017 at Chandigarh

Symposium and Master Class on Psychosexual & Marital approaches to relationship and intimacy problem, Bandung, Indonesia , 18 - 22 January 2018

Dr. T.S. Sathyanarayana Rao is a renowned psychiatrist in India. He is a qualified mental and sexual health specialist. He is a dedicated and passionate psychiatrist who has kept the profession close to his heart by providing help to the suffering individuals, their caregivers, families and thereby serving the society at large. He is popular with his rational and better quality mental health care in modern day practice of Psychiatry in India. His compassionate approach with his patients makes them connect with him very well. His immense contributions and collaborative research has taken Psychiatry and Sexual Medicine in India beyond boundaries into the global village. He has provided extra-ordinary and exemplary contribution in establishing certain standards and ideals in the intellectual and scientific tradition of Indian Psychiatry. Dr. Rao continues to be inspiration and strength for coming generation of professionals. He is longest serving editor of Indian Journal of Psychiatry and has been advisor to majority of major Journals of Psychiatry in India. He has been instrumental in Organizing Sexual Medicine academic curricular programmes in India and currently the Secretary of Human Sexuality Section of World Psychiatric Association (WPA). He is serving as President of Karnataka Sexual Science Academy.  He is credited with more than 150 published papers in indexed journals, 200 other publications, 12 books and more than 500 Scientific Programmes at State, National and International level. He has travelled extensively both in India and Abroad and the last programme at Lumbini, Nepal in November 2014 and very recent one at Vienna, Austria from July 12th – 17th, 2015 was the 35th International travel and to Berlin from 8 th -12 th October 2017 is 36 th International travel. He has also visited Indonesia and conducted special training programme on 19th January 2018 at the Dept. of Psychiatry Padjadjaran University/ Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung during 37 th International travel. He is the regular columnist for Kannada Magazine – Ganda Hendathi and many popular websites in India.  He is currently serving as Professor of Psychiatry at JSS Medical College, JSS University, Mysore and consultant at Sumana, Vinayaka Nursing Home, Mandya.

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