ANCIAPP 2017, Jaipur, 23- 26 th Nov 2017

The Annual National Conference of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (ANCIAPP) for the  year2017 was held at Jaipur, the Pink City, the theme being “Psychiatry Today – Challenges and Perspective”.  The Kraeplinian model of early 20 century Scientic Psychiatry started on a promising note but got derailed midway. The “Drama of Science”overshadowed the “Logic of Science”in Psychological Medicine. “Drama”did add some value, but at an enormous cost retarding the clinical advancement. Science corrects itself; and it did by bringing back Psychiatry putting it firmly in the groove of Biological Neurosciences. The theme for ANCIAPP 2017 “Psychiatry Today – Challenges and Perspective” stood the chosen and relevant in this backdrop.