ANCIPS 2018 at Ranchi

ANCIPS 2018 at Ranchi

70 th Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society was held at Ranchi from 5 – 8 February 2018 at Central Institute of Psychiatry. The Conference promised to be an Academic & Cultural Feast with confluence of over 3000 Delegates from across the nation & abroad.  The theme of the conference was “A Journey in Psychiatry: From Morals to Molecules”.

Dr T S S Rao addressed scientific session titled ” Marriage And Mental Illness: Social And Legal Aspects” along with Dr Indira Sharma, Dr Adarsh Tripathi and Dr Surendra Sherchan. Dr Rao also conducted symposium on ” Child Sexual Abuse: The Agony and Distress Within” with Dr Sabiullah Syyed, Dr Prakash B. Behere, Dr Gautam Saha,  Dr Savita Malhotra. Dr Kaveri N. Chougule and Dr Nikhil Chougule, on Issues and implications of school sex education with his Colleagues, WPA Sexuality Subsection Symposium: Psychiatric disorders and treatment emergent sexual dysfunctions with Dr Shivanand M, Cancer and Psycho-sexual Functioning  with Dr Dushad Ram and Dr Kishore M.

During the event, there was also 4 Supplements of Indian Journal of Psychiatry released:

1. Supplement on ANCIPS

2. The Mental Hospitals In India – A Historical Perspective

3.Guidelines For Psychosocial Interventions In Addictive Disorders In India

4. IPS Clinical Practice Guidelines For Psychiatrists in India ( Revised Edition 2018)