Clinical Projects

Depression Brain Bank
An exclusive Depression Brain Bank was started in the department under JSS Medical College, Mysore in 2005. It is the only Brain Bank next to NIMHANS in the country. Currently it is collaborating with Central Food and Technological Research Institute, Mysore, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Max Plank Institute, Germany etc. It is a networking centre of National Brain Research Organization (NBRC, New Delhi).
Indo-Italian Project
“Mapping the role of DNA conformation, stability and paramagnetic metals in modulating neuronal vulnerability in brain samples of depression and aging”
Chief Investigator : Dr. T.S. Sathyanarayana Rao
Co – Investigator : Dr. N.M. Shama Sundar, Prof. of Anatomy, JSS Medical College, Mysore
Italian Coordinator: Dr. Luigi Zecca, Institute of Biomedical Technologies,
Italian National Research Council, 20090, Segrate, Milan, Italy
Department of Science & Technology
Aluminium – Maltose treated rabbit as Alzheimer’s Animal Model: Physiological approach
Chief Investigator: Dr. N.M. Shama Sundar, Prof. & head, Dept of Anatomy, JSS Medical College, Mysore
Co-investigators: Dr. T.S. Sathyanarayana Rao, Prof. & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, JSS Medical College, Mysore

Dr. K.S. Jagannatha Rao, Scientist, Dept of Biochemistry & Nutrition, CFTRI, Mysore

ICMR Short-term Projects
Study of consanguinity in Major Depressive Disorder by Ananya, 3rd Term Student, JSS Medical College, Mysore, 2005
Serum level estimation of trace elements and their correlation in Unipolar depression by Manoj. C, 3rd Term Student, JSS Medical College, Mysore
Sleep quality index in Medical students by Vasuda Kaul, 2nd MBBS, 3rd Term, JSS Medical College, Mysore
ICMR Projects
To evolve a Module for Identifying the Psychiatric Morbidities Amenable for Identification and Management at Primary Health Centre set up with low cost
Dr. T.S.S. RAO, Dr. Darshan M S, Dr. N.C. Ashok, Dr. Rajesh Raman
ICMR Projects Proposed:
“An Analysis of the potential effect of depression and antidepressants on male fertility rates in Mysore Population” Submission ID – “2012-05610″ and No. 5/10/FR/8/2012 – RCH dated 19.11.2012
“A Controlled study on Sexual functioning, Sexual Quality of life and Sexual disorders among Mentally and Physically Disabled Population”. Submission ID – ” 2013-0149″, dated 14.05.2013.
Completed Projects
Copper (III) Interaction with DNA : Relevance to Neurodegenerative disorders by Mekhala V. Shenoy, 3rd Term student, JSS Medical College, Mysore

‘A trial of Risperidone in Schizophrenia’ due for publication, Microlabs, Bangalore, India.

Study of effectiveness of Vanprostine in Alzheimer’s & Vascular Dementias. (Micro Labs, Bangalore)

Completed the trial on sildenafil citrate (Viagra) for Cadila Health Care Ltd, Ahmedabad

A study on in practice usage and performance (IPUP) Study of Sodium Valproate (Epilex)
Post marketing surveillance studies of Moclobemide

Clinical Study of Psychiatric disorders and Sexual functioning in patients with Coronary Artery Disease — Dr. Ramya Shruthi, Dr. T.S.S. Rao, Dr. Nagaraj Desai